Hello! Welcome to the Hopkins Imaging Initiative Research Blog.
The Hopkins Imaging Initiative is a collaborative resource for all researchers interested in imaging at Johns Hopkins University. Created in 2010 from JHU's Biomedical Engineering Training Program in Translational Imaging, HI^2 seeks to include all Hopkins affiliates that develop imaging resources, in order to nurture a network of versatile researchers. More information can be found on our website: http://imaging.jhu.edu

Here, we will be showcasing researchers who focus on imaging, especially emphasizing our initiative members at Johns Hopkins University. Generally, we'll be developing Researcher Profiles -- after interviewing researchers, we'll put the following information on this blog:
  • Research Summary:
    • Name:
      Research Group:
      Primary Department:
      Secondary Department(s):
      Personal Webpage:
      Research Interests:
      Interviewed By:
  • Research Labels:
    • Each interview will be tagged with labels for Research Interests. Readers can click on the labels in the sidebar to sort profiles by label.
  • Interview:
    • Each interview will include questions about individual career paths, innovative technologies, and general interests.
More information about research at Hopkins can be found on our Hopkins Imaging Initiative website, in the "Research" section: http://imaging.jhu.edu/research

If you have questions or suggestions, we invite you to either comment on this post or email johnshopkinsimaging+blog@gmail.com

* This blog was created by Issel Anne Lim, Sahar Soleimanifard, Kwame Kutten, and members of the Professional Subcommittee of the Networking Committee in the Hopkins Imaging Initiative.